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Website:Ecominded POC on live journal
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Community description:environmentalism that takes into consideration class, race, gender.
this community is active mostly at livejournal, though i may inquire about making it active here when more people come over. The Lj comm is [ profile] ecominded_poc

Who we are...

This is a radical, diverse, social justice oriented, poc focused, action-encouraging environmental community on livejournal. We are interested in learning about and participating in as much as possible poc attempts and struggles to acheive sustainable, environmental health along with social and economic wellbeing for all.


1. Intersectionality is a key component in our engagement with the issue of our enviroment. We will deal with this issue through the lens of race, gender, politics, economics, class, religion, nonreligion, and history, to say nothing of the issues of urban, suburban and rural living. All of these, as well as any other factors that apply, are likely to affect the problems and solutions that poc face re: the environment.

2. Diversity is a key goal in this community. We want to know about and get ideas from and help out as much as we can all the struggles that various people face, from Austrailian aborgines to Phillipino farmers to Mexican migrants to African American southerners, to English Muslims. Feel free to link to books, leaders of organizations, informative articles, whatever it is that you may find from as wide a range as possible.

3. No racism. No sexism. No homophobia. No transphobia. No classism. If you are called on these? No flouncing. It can be embarrassing to realise that you have stepped in it, I know, but stop. think. listen and apologize. We have no time or inclination to deal with wank and foolishness.

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"green" agriculture, food, green urban development, healthy living limited budget, mass green transportation, people of colour, racism, social justice, the environment, urban farming, veganism
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