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Sep. 13th, 2017 09:14 pm
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I've been really enjoying 10 of the best recently. With some bands, the appeal is in being reunited with songs dear as friends - revisiting them can be an experience in itself. With other bands that I know less well, it's learning of new-to-me songs, or seeing the music I know contextualised in a different way. With other bands, especially ones that I have listened to but lost track of, it's becoming aware of more recent work (especially when that work isn't easily accessed c.f. Burial's various EPs and collaborations). These are some of the lists I've particularly enjoyed or want to listen to later.

Northern Soul
Riot grrrl
Bollywood samples

Belle and Sebastian
Brian Eno
Cocteau Twins
David Bowie
Girls Aloud
Grace Jones
Joy Division
Leonard Cohen
Manic Street Preachers
Missy Elliott
Nick Cave
PJ Harvey
Siouxsie and the Banshees
St Vincent
Tori Amos
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- Communist party: I can't decide if it's more politically correct to celebrate the centenary of the October Revolution on 25 October or 7 November.... ;-)

- Reading, books 2017: 88.

88. Measures of Expatriation, by Vahni Capildeo, 2016, poetry &c. Extremely high brow literature in a variety of short forms most often associated with poetry and poetic expression. Not so much a word-hoard as a form-cache, this is poetry as keen to show how it was made as to convey endeavours at meaning beyond structure. In places this seems to be pre-emptive defensiveness against deconstruction: if I show you mine then you have no need to take me apart. (Do you remember the old joke about modern architecture? Which reveals the pipework because that's functional but conceals the exit because that isn't...). But escaping from the structure are enough briefly disclosed exit signs, revealing windows on realities most of Ms Capildeo's readers will never witness, to make the venture of reading worthwhile for people who appreciate this kind of art. (4/5, goodreads = 40ratings/5reviews 4/5)

• friend sheep, if i stretched wide enough
i could give birth to a child like you:
a round-eyed barrier against normality,
a rare breed indeed, not a marie antoinette pet.

• [I wanted to describe hearing Ms Capildeo deliver her own work to a live audience but was lost for words until, lol:] The answers will be delivered in the voice that educators develop for dealing with the bright-eyed slow and gradually extend to everyone however agreeable.

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- Now we have an excess of spare royals, can we trade one or more in marriage for an alliance with Europe?

- Reading, books 2017: 88.

86. Summer Visits, by Margery Sharp, who was 72 when this novel was published in 1977 and clearly had as keen a sense of mischievous humour as ever. An upper middle class, generational, family saga in which everyone's at it like rabbits except the literal rabbits who fail to breed at all, lol. Includes illegitimate children in Victorian rural East Anglia and repeated mention of abortions plus another in abortion in 1919 (two offstage successful, one onstage knitting needle offered, two offstage dead, and one onstage successful exercise-induced miscarriage in a woman who then dies of a tennis injury!). Use of the c-word, twice, and then the f-word as a verb. The family saga continues inimitably through a community of Anglican lay women, a journey to San Domingo (Dominican Republic), and the First World War. All the fifteen adult novels by Margery Sharp that I've read so far are worth reading and not one is formulaic or even predictable except in the broadest terms. (3.5/5 and should be subtitled "Over 70, still trolling for feminism, and the field in which I grow my fucks is barren")

• This caused me to have inner visions of Dante Gabriel Rossetti running amok with a ray gun "; but didn't even the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood disintegrate?"

• On ageing: The tea slopped into the saucer as Margaret's hand shook [with anger]. Then she forgave. Flora was so old; and the old dislike having their emotions touched as much as they dislike any other disturbance.

• Prize for best euphemism: "[...] soon for the ferry."

• Out of context, obv: "For besides he heaped every insult on me for having married an Inglés - he said he would rather be half negrito and stand up for his own people in the coming revolution!" [in the Dominican Republic against US military occupation]

• Interesting words used in connection with a Roman Catholic, Portuguese-descended Dominican, white woman who helps a woman induce a miscarriage (I read them as a ~second wave~ attempt at reclaiming): "the woman from the Voodoo island of San Domingo" buries the "embryo" "under a witch's moon".

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i havent finished counting yet

Sep. 5th, 2017 01:09 pm
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but i might have written 30000 words last month. *blink*

also i really need to count when i finish writing for the day.  counting that great big lump of words at the end of a month is tedious as all hell.

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